Yellow Whirl #2

Animation by Marjan Moghaddam. Music by Blake Skipper & Matt Sapp 2011

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A Visual Music piece that is designed as an animated abstract painting triggered by music, this cinematic short takes the viewer through a delightful and exhilarating journey of stunning visuals exploring yellow and its complimentary colors. Based on the traditional premise of a formal exploration of form and color rooted in Abstract painting, the piece starts with dancing sketched lines that converge into an explosion, as bursts of digitally splattered and audio triggered paint reveal the complexity of colors. Graphic and materially ambiguous sculptural forms follow in distorted cinematic spaces, broken up with an interlude of oscillating strings. Graphic etchings coalesce into a solid whirling form, culminating in a stunning and dazzling finale of yellow oscillating and whirling masses. Using 3d and 2D computer graphics, each pictorial space employs its own unique cinematography and is set to a melodic, ambient electronic music composition that references analog and LoFi synthesizers.

Audio-triggering, in addition to traditional keyframing and editing, drives the majority of the deformations in this animation. Geometry is deformed alongside variables for particle systems such as the music modulated paint splatters. Audio-triggered displacements were created for polygon meshes in addition to particle volumes. Lighting, color and cinematography are also audio-triggered at times, including lens and aperture for the camera. The entire animation was modeled, animated and rendered out in Newtek Lightwave 9.6 and 10 in 1080 HD. Compositing, editing and effects were in Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop. The music was created in Pro Tools.

Copyright Marjan Moghaddam