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Marjan Moghaddam Distractions from War Frieze London 2023
Marjan Moghaddam Flexing with Chanel Paris Fashion Week 2024
Marjan Moghaddam Hacking The-Machine Binary Glitching The Enmeshment
Marjan Moghaddam Hacking The Machine Binary Glitching the Unity
Marjan Moghaddam Hacking The Machine Binary-The Bond of Silence
Marjan Moghaddam Hacking The Machine Binary Fluidity
Marjan Moghaddam Hacking The Machine Binary Hafez Only Remembers Love
Marjan Moghaddam Hacking The Machine Binary-Devotion
Marjan Moghaddam The Poet Royal Hillsborough Castle Art Trail UK
Marjan Moghaddam Hacking The Machine Binary Glitching Those Who are Hacked Together
Marjan Moghaddam The Current Thing Miami Art Basel 2023
For Freedom Part II: Art Basel Miami 2022 Woman, Life, freedom. #arthack by #MarjanMoghaddam
Barayeh Azadi: For Freedom" #FriezeLondon2022 #Arthack Intervention by #MarjanMoghaddam
#GlitchGods & #GlitchGoddesses #arthack #NewYorkfashionWeek @viviennetam #metaverse. Hacked by #MarjanMoghaddam
#MarjanMoghaddam #Glitching Intaleqi is the Winner of The Arab Bank of Switzerland 2023 #ABSPrize
first NFT Art Prize from Arab Bank Switzerland at NFC Summit in Lisbon, with my Glitched Intaleqi Animated Painting on LaCollection, now in the coll3ction of the bank in Geneva.
Marjan-Moghaddam-GlitchGoddess In Pink" @Superrare NFT animated painting collection
Our Lips Are Sealed" Frieze NY 2023 #arthack intervention by #MarjanMoghaddam
Marjan-Moghaddam-She-Pepe-Art-Basil-2023 Enjoying the Silence? #ArtBasel2023 #Arthack by #MarjanMoghaddam
Marjan-Moghaddam-GlitchedGoddess-mesh #marjanmoghaddam #digitalart
Marjan-Moghaddam-WAGMI-VR-Gallery-Show@Spatial_io avatar, but here I am with generic 1 for my talk about Crytpo Art Rides the Bull in the Metaverse WAGME show @FunghiGallery @gxrlsrevolution
Marjan Moghaddam World of Women Gaia of the Metaverse
The American Hush by Marjan Moghaddam Art Hack Frieze NYC 2022
Marjan Moghaddam's glitch goddess in pink
Marjan Moghaddam Art Hack Glitch Goddess in NYC
Marjan Moghaddam Art Hacks Miami Art Basel 2021 copy
Marjan Moghaddam Glitch Goddess in The Metaverse in Blue and Orange
Marjan Moghaddam Glitching Juno Moneta In Black
Glitching Juno Moneta In Peachy Mocha By Marjan Moghaddam
Glitching Juno Moneta In Blue by Marjan Moghaddam
Glitching Juno Moneta In Red by Marjan Moghaddam
Intersections at #Armory2021 #Arthack #GlitchedOdalisque 2.0 Posted on 9/13/21
Marjan Moghaddam's 4 animations Glitching Juno Monetas
Marjan Moghaddam's Art Basel 2021
Marjan Moghaddam's Frieze London Art Hack
Glitch Goddess In Red Number Two by Marjan Moghaddam
Marjan Moghaddam Self Portrait
The Quarantine Cycles Triptych by Marjan Moghaddam
Marjan Moghaddam Embodiment & Intervention
The Kiss Animation, Baiser at Mary Boone Gallery
Crypto Art Rides The Bull
Taking The Knee #ArtBasel2020 #Arthack by #MarjanMoghaddam Posted 6/21/20 #TOMOMA
GlitchedOdalisque in Goldish iterations with Black Niche
"American Purple", Armory 2020 #Arthack intervention by #MarjanMoghaddam.
TheRona and #FriezeNY #ArtFair 2020 in #Lockdown by #MarjanMoghaddam posted 5/10/20, 4th Year Anniversary of #Arthacks on Instagram!
marjan_moghaddam_artist #GlitchGoddess Blesses JLo in Milan
marjan_moghaddam_artist Her Body #arthack at Frieze London 2019 with #GlitchedOdalisque #GlitchedGoddess Amelia Jones and Haydeh .
GlitchGoddess, Glitched Dude & Guy Fox at Dior Mens show at Rubell Collection during Art Basel Miami video taken from @mrkimjones.
marjan_moghaddam_artist exhibit my #GlitchGoddess #ReEngineeringhumanity group show
marjan_moghaddam_artist "#GlitchGoddess Intervention at Frieze NY 2019
marjan_moghaddam_artist "Catcalls with the #GlitchedGoddesses from above and below at #ArtBasel, Basel"
marjan_moghaddam_artist Free Ten24 Head, glitched, turn it up to hear
#Arthack" by Marjan Moghaddam, #arthack#digitalbodies #GlitchGoddess during #FriezeLondon 2018.
Marjan Moghaddam's Glitched Godess with Picasso
Marjan Moghaddam's Hacking Sarah Lucas at Miami Basel 2019
marjan_moghaddam_artist "To See if I Still Feel At The Armory Show 2019"
#MarjanMoghaddam, 2018. Music by @VirtualSelf “Ghost Voices”
Notes from the future to Walter Benjamin
#Arthack By #MarjanMoghaddam #DigitalBodieshacked on 6/16/18
at the Smithsonian#ChronometricSculpture, Mobile-based #artexhibition, by #MarjanMoghaddam, documentation, June 2018.