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Marjan Moghaddam: hacking the art world

Since the eighties, Moghaddam has been developing his work in animation and computer graphics. His works have already been exhibited all over the world, especially in digital art circuits. His series #arthack and #digitalbodies have recently reached thousands of people on Instagram and Facebook.

For a very simple reason: her interventions at exhibitions and art fairs make intelligent use of appropriations and comments on issues related to inequality and the female body.

ElementalMagazine_2019 Marjan Moghaddam: hacking the art world

Marjan Moghaddam: hacking the art world

Quiet Lunch Magazine – Flexing on Commercialism:

In Re-Engineering Humanity : Phase II presented at 836M gallery.

Marjan Moghaddam’s works bring to bear the social justice underpinnings forming the foundation of Re-Engineering Humanity. The exhibition, organized with the subtext “a cautionary tale for the twenty-first century”, dwells in the multi-dimensional narratives constructed by societal dissonances and investigating the existing perceptions that persistently frame our worldview. Through September 13th, Moghaddam’s works form a prescient aspect of an exhibition that fearlessly questions where society is headed by examining what remains from the systems that consistently determine how we hold ourselves back.

Re-Engineering Humanity: Phase II,  at 836M gallery.

Re-Engineering Humanity: Phase II, at 836M gallery

Adobe Blog on Artists using Augmented Reality

DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION How AR Artists in Residence Are Shaping Project Aero imagination.

“The story of art is the story of human imagination. The virtual technologies of the imagination have great potential for sharing meaningful and transformational experiences.”

The Residency is also revealing a lot about how the right immersive tools can push artists’ creativity. Take Marjan Moghaddam’s work – she came to the residency as an established mixed-reality artist, but her workflow was time-consuming and cumbersome. “My process didn’t allow for a lot of spontaneity or creative play,” she explains. “I was immediately blown away by the idea of having an AR editing tool on a mobile device that I could walk around with. I loved the spontaneity. It allowed me to come up with ideas I never would have thought of before.”

Adobe Artist In Residency in Augmented Reality Project Aero Marjan Moghaddam Featured Artist

Adobe Artist In Residency in Augmented Reality

Coeur & Art Magazine exclusive featuring The Russian Doll of Virtual Reality

Marjan Moghaddam Russian Doll of Virtual Reality

Covid-19 and the social distancing it involves are intensifying transformation of the art world towards the digital sphere; XR, AR and VR are finally taking control. One artist at the forefront of this development is the Iranian-born, Brooklyn-based artist Marjan Moghaddam, the “First Lady of Animated Painting”.

Her latest collection uses motion capture of improvised performances, which she applies to her characteristic bodies, created in virtual worlds with 3D computer graphics (3DCG), to tackle the political, global, feminist, and cultural problems affecting the fourth industrial revolution and late-stage capitalism. “Her art could not be more relevant in a time in which the pandemic is exposing long-tolerated inequalities.”

Brooklyn-based artist Marjan Moghaddam, the “First Lady of Animated Painting”

Marjan Moghaddam Russian Doll Of Virtual Reality

Adobe Artist In Residency in Augmented Reality

Marjan Moghaddam “The story of art is the story of human imagination.

“The story of art is the story of human imagination. The virtual technologies of the imagination have great potential for sharing meaningful and transformational experiences.”

Marjan Moghaddam is a Brooklyn-based digital artist/animator whose influential and pioneering work responds to the socio-political exigencies of our time through a distinct and original figural and aesthetic style, mixed reality interventions (#arthacks), AR/VR, physical art forms, and critical discourse.

Project Aero Marjan Moghaddam  Artist in Residence

Artist In Residence

SF Weekly EyeJacking Culture

Two Stunning New Exhibits artists employing augmented reality

At 836M gallery, where the exhibit “Re-Engineering Humanity” includes three artworks that are jaw-droppingly great. The greatness happens, in part, because of the artworks’ “before” and “after” effects. In the “before” category, the three works — Marjan Moghaddam’s Glitch Goddess of Art Basel Miami 695, in Red, Mark Sabb’s Pray for Me II, and Stuart Campbell’s Breaking News — are fine but flat, static pieces. They hang on walls and clearly have something to say about women’s body image, Haitian youth culture, and the American media landscape, respectively.

GlitchedFae-AR Sculpture

ANTE – Augmented Humanism

Augmented Humanism: The Digital Art of Marjan Moghaddam

Artist Marjan Moghaddam is many things, but bored isn’t one of them. A multi-disciplinary artist whose viral sensations, Glitched Goddesses, are propelling the artist toward phenomenal digital art visibility, Moghaddam is that rare artist whose formal stylings and conceptual acumen are equally stunning. Stemming from an #ArtHack Instagram project which the artist initiated in 2016 to disrupt and democratize the exhibition space, her glitch aesthetic permeates the oscillating female forms depicted in her Glitched Goddesses series. Buzz around the series has reached fever pitch, with over 3 million views of her works combined across Arts in Paris and Facebook. So far, her hacks have engaged in dialogue with exhibitions and events at locations ranging from Miami Art Basel to the Guggenheim, the New Museum and Mary Boone gallery – the last three, it is worth noting, were founded by women. “When my ArtBasel Miami hack went viral on Facebook, that’s when I realized the Internet has matured enough for serious, conceptual, thoughtful digital art to go viral and find an audience, ” Moghaddam explained. She now routinely receives collector inquiries on Instagram for work from her #ArtHack collection due to the ongoing social media demand for digital artworks.

Augmented Humanism: The Digital Art of Marjan Moghaddam

Augmented Humanism of Marjan Moghaddam

French Fries Magazine Interview With Artist Marjan Moghaddam

Digital protagonist and subversive of the web, Marjan Moghaddam

Marjan Moghaddam, is a conceptual artist; through her work she builds three-dimensional characters and environments that recall the landscapes of video games or virtual reality. She uses enhanced figures as a means of interrupting social situations and events, exhibitions and catwalks, to explore critical issues such as feminism and capitalism, marginalization and social disparity.

Can you describe yourself in five words?  Digital Artist, Animator, Badass, Woman.

French Fries Magazine Milan Interviews Marjan Moghaddam

Digital Artist, Animator, Badass, Woman.

Coeval Magazine -Marjan Moghaddam

Marjan Moghaddam is a pioneering and awardwinning Digital Artist and Animator

Marjan has been creating ‘fantastic virtual worlds for decades. Since 2008 and she has been doing so through the use of 3D CG and motion capture of improvised videos. These virtual environments are easily identifiable by her signature ‘Digital Bodies.’ Representative of the transformation we are undergoing due to technological advancements.

Coeval Magazine Marjan moghaddam

JLo in MILAN Blessed by the #Glitch Godess by Marjan Moghaddam

ODD!TY Exclusive – Marjan Moghaddam

Meet Marjan Moghaddam: The Artist who brings Art to life.

WRITTEN BY ODDITY STUDIOS declares Marjan is The Artist who brings Art to life. ODD!TY: Can you share one of the best moments in your career so far When my Augmented Reality Chronometric Sculpture, Autonomous, was exhibited in the original Smithsonian museum building last spring. When my Baisser at Mary Boone #arthack hit 2.2 million views on the Art Gates Instagram post. When I played live improvised animation on stage in a 500 seat theater for the Visual Music Marathon in 2009 funded by the Rockefeller Fund. And lastly, when I went viral in 1996 during the DOTCOM era, and my marjan.com domain crashed from all the hits.

Meet Marjan Moghaddam: The Artist who brings Art to life

ODD!TY Exclusive – Marjan Moghaddam