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#NFT #Cryptoart #art Marjan Moghaddam on the Aesthetic Revolution

Marjan Moghaddam on the Aesthetic Revolution, with Glitched Goddesses, ArtHacks, & NFT’s! We had an amazing talk with Marjan Moghaddam this evening. She’s an artist who does mind-bending art – and it’s not just #NFT​ or #Cryptoart​, it’s much broader than that! She has been a trailblazing digital artist for most of her career, and what a career it has been so far! In this conversation she gives us a recap of some of the work she has done, and you don’t want to miss it! But we also dive deep into crypto and NFT #art​, #aesthetics​, and #philosophy​, and how #millennials​ are the future, and more! So prepare to be transformed, for where Marjan’s Arthacks & Glitch Goddesses meet, the mind will be transmogrified and electrified!

Love Magazine Interviews Marjan Moghaddam

Love Magazine Interviews “DIGITAL HIJACKER” Marjan Moghaddam

LOVE MAGAZINE Interview The DIGITAL HIJACKER MARJAN MOGHADDAM ON RADICAL CURATION AND REINVENTING THE GALLERY SPACE. Meet Marjan Moghaddam, a conceptual artist and social activist, pioneering a visual method of “hacking,” that uses digital animations to disrupt conventional social situations such as galleries and runways.


Love Magazine Interview Marjan Moghaddam

Trebuchet Magazine the Digital Journey of Marjan Moghaddam

Trebuchet Magazine feature The Digital Journey of Marjan Moghaddam

Marjan Moghaddam is a digital pioneer whose work has stayed true to the revolutionary premise art should never be wholly expected. She first exhibited computer animation on a Commodore 64 back in 1984 while living in Downtown NYC during the ’80s punk rock and art scene. As a video artist at the Pyramid Club in NYC she shot the performance art&n bsp;and created video, electronic, and early computer art to show there and at East Village galleries. She is a true CyberPunk pioneer nurtured by Neuromancer and William Gibson in the original Metaverse.


Trebutchet Magazine Featured Article “The Digital Journey of Marjan Moghaddam”

The Early Pioneer of Digital Art

The Early Pioneer of Digital Art

SUPER RARE featured Artist Marjan Moghaddam: The Early Pioneer of Digital Art is interviewed and quoted in this Article about her own signature glitch animated figures (Chronometric Sculpture), and GAN generated paintings and #arthack with her Glitch Goddess and other #Digitalbodies in leading art fairs like Art Basel and major institutions like the Whitney. With Featured NFT drop Taking the Knee’ In solidarity with GAN-generated Paintings at Art Basel 2020

Marjan Moghaddam Taking the Knee’ In solidarity with GAN-generated Paintings at Art Basel 2020

Taking the Knee in solidarity with Gan Generated Painting at Art Basel by Marjan Moghaddam The Top AR Apps, Projects And Activations Of 2019 The Top Computer Art Projects Of 2019 Online Magazine featuring the “Art Hacks” of Crypto Artist Marjan Moghaddam as part of the top projects of 2019 featured Mixed Reality & AR Activation artwork are listed as part of the article Written by Jesse Damiani  Contributor of Consumer Tech, VR/AR, Blockchain, AI, Startups, & Media.

Marjan Moghaddam FRIEZE a conceptual, net-art project

Marjan Moghaddam’s featured “Art Hack” mixed reality Best of 2019 Magazine Crypto Art

Is Crypto Art A New Renaissance Or Another Rococo?

In My Conversation With Marjan Moghaddam, one of the first things that came up during the conversation was the potential of Crypto Art, and Marjan pointed out that many NFT evangelists are fond of calling it a new renaissance, mostly as a figure of speech.

Marjan Moghaddam, a famous digital artist is a deeply fascinating person. She has generated sales on Superrare since she has been on the platform. I immediately told her I wanted to interview her for the NFT Writer magazine, and she agreed. During our conversation, she raised an interesting question: Is crypto art today a new Renaissance, or is it another Rococo?

Medium Website Is Crypto Art A New Renaissance Marjan Moghaddam

Superrare are trying to cultivate the Art with a capital A

Rumfoords on NFT launch of The Kiss

Instagram Is Visually Training Everyone, with Marjan Moghaddam

On Valentine’s Day, Moghaddam will auction off a new original animation that is a spin on her iconic “Baisser,” with a new backdrop modeled after the original Mary Boone with GAN collaged paintings on the wall and new music by Blake Skipper.

Moghaddam calls these works #ArtHacks. Rumfoords sat down with Moghaddam to ask her about the voluptuous and psychedelic figures that seem to spring out of the imagination of a hallucinating fashion designer to haunt gallery spaces in her work. But that led to a wide-ranging conversation on our collective imaginations, patronage, and expression in crypto art. Enjoy!

Marjan Moghaddam is, once again, the best and most visionary artist

Marjan Moghaddan Expression In Crypto Art

Elemmental Magazine contemporary art and humanities in Spain

Marjan Moghaddam: hacking the art world

Since the eighties, Moghaddam has been developing his work in animation and computer graphics. His works have already been exhibited all over the world, especially in digital art circuits. His series #arthack and #digitalbodies have recently reached thousands of people on Instagram and Facebook.

For a very simple reason: her interventions at exhibitions and art fairs make intelligent use of appropriations and comments on issues related to inequality and the female body.

ElementalMagazine_2019 Marjan Moghaddam: hacking the art world

Marjan Moghaddam: hacking the art world

Quiet Lunch Magazine – Flexing on Commercialism:

In Re-Engineering Humanity : Phase II presented at 836M gallery.

Marjan Moghaddam’s works bring to bear the social justice underpinnings forming the foundation of Re-Engineering Humanity. The exhibition, organized with the subtext “a cautionary tale for the twenty-first century”, dwells in the multi-dimensional narratives constructed by societal dissonances and investigating the existing perceptions that persistently frame our worldview. Through September 13th, Moghaddam’s works form a prescient aspect of an exhibition that fearlessly questions where society is headed by examining what remains from the systems that consistently determine how we hold ourselves back.

Re-Engineering Humanity: Phase II,  at 836M gallery.

Re-Engineering Humanity: Phase II, at 836M gallery

Adobe Blog on Artists using Augmented Reality

DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION How AR Artists in Residence Are Shaping Project Aero imagination.

“The story of art is the story of human imagination. The virtual technologies of the imagination have great potential for sharing meaningful and transformational experiences.”

The Residency is also revealing a lot about how the right immersive tools can push artists’ creativity. Take Marjan Moghaddam’s work – she came to the residency as an established mixed-reality artist, but her workflow was time-consuming and cumbersome. “My process didn’t allow for a lot of spontaneity or creative play,” she explains. “I was immediately blown away by the idea of having an AR editing tool on a mobile device that I could walk around with. I loved the spontaneity. It allowed me to come up with ideas I never would have thought of before.”

Adobe Artist In Residency in Augmented Reality Project Aero Marjan Moghaddam Featured Artist

Adobe Artist In Residency in Augmented Reality