#MarjanMoghaddam Nowhere to Run: fundraiser

#MarjanMoghaddam Nowhere to Run: fundraiser Announcing Nowhere to Run: a collaborative fundraising project celebrating digital art for good.

The project brings together ten visionary artists who will donate their sales proceeds to the UNHCR Climate Resilience Fund. Organized by @UNHCR_CH_INNOV

@artmetaofficial @TezosFoundation @objktcom and @TheCC_digital

Artists include: ,@TheMarjan @OriginalGoldCat ,@uczine ,@VioletBondArt @michaelmicasso ,@LN0ir ,@alidasun , Eduardo Kac ,@sabatobox @DianeDrubay

Discover the works at Space 31 at the Digital Art Mile in Basel this week The collection goes live on Objkt on June 20 for World Refugee Day.

Marjan Moghaddam World Refugee Day

#MarjanMoghaddam Art Basel Digital Art Mile