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ShePepe in Ordinalandia On Sale

Bridging Ancient Iconography and Bitcoin’s Meme Renaissance the origins of a Fine Arts Meme.

With a body aggregated from breasts, in homage to ancient matriarchal statuary, this Genesis Bitcoin #She Pepe connects the art historical elements to the contemporary Post Internet Crypto Meme space.

#ShePepe was originally created for the “Enjoying the Silence?” #Artbasel2023 #Arthack as #ShePepe the Lenin Slayer. In this digital painting a glitched Post Digital displaced landscape, an Originals logo made of VFX pink puffs, and a sassy walk complete her entrance into Bitcoin.

24” physical prints on museum-grade archival paper, signed by the artist, available for purchase exclusively to holders of She Pepe.

Please contact Marjan on Twitter to order.

To acquire a piece of this digital heritage or to dive deeper into the world of Marjan Moghaddam, please visit @trygamma

Marjan Moghaddam’s newest sheroic artwork: ShePepe in Ordinalandia

Marjan Moghaddam’s ShePepe in Ordinalandia

ShePepe in Ordinalandia 
on sale at Ordinal

ShePepe in Ordinalandia Sale