#MarjanMoghaddam Happy New Year 23

Happy New Year To All

Reviewing The New Year 2013.

2023 was a great year, very busy with a lot of new work, sales, commissions, etc. But the highlight was this, my permanent sculpture & interactive AR at Hillsborough Castle Park in the UK/Ireland. Right where the king of England stays. I do hope he enjoys it.

I’m a digital artist, 3dCG, & here in the US and to have a physical permanent sculpture and AR installation is pretty exciting! This is not just a moment for me but all digital artists, Yes, @Beeple is great, for sure, but for me, getting a permanent sculpture commission as a digital artist is fantastic! Also, I am very happy to see that my Digital Sculpture AR Installation could find such a wonderful home. Hillsborough Castle Park is a beautiful venue. If you are in Dublin or Belfast, pop over and see it.

Marjan Moghaddam The Poet 2023

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