#MarjanMoghaddam Mona’s FIRST AR Glitch Exhibit

Marjan Moghaddam MONA MONDAYS IS BACK with Mona’s FIRST AR Glitch Exhibit on

11/20 @ 3pm ET Feat. a panel & art gallery, curated by @GlitchVisceral

25 incredible gallery artists tagged

Mona @monaverse


THE EXPERIENCE LAYER IS COMING! RSVP for our Virtual event during

@protocollabs Labweek! Tuesday Nov 14th 6-8pm GMT+3 (10am-12pm EST) New PL-inspired world, new avatars to try on, & games to play! See you there

Featured artists:























Marjan Moghaddam at Mona @monaverse

#MarjanMoghaddam Opening Mona @monaverse