#MarjanMoghaddam The Poet at the Magic Garden

The Poet by Marjan Moghaddam

Sculpture and AR installation at Digital Sculpture Forest Art Trail, in the The Royal Hillsborough Castle Park, Northern Ireland/UK.

My finished art commissions, permanent sculpture, & Chronometric Sculpture AR of The Poet. 2nd AR piece, the interactive Magic Garden is located behind this spot. Installation in the park has a sign with my pic & info. Digital Art & Glitch, yes! Royal Hillsborough Castle Art Trail #InternationalArtistsDay Northern Ireland, UK. I will be on UTV news today talking about it.#marjanmoghaddam

The Poet is a physical sculpture derived from a digital 3D Sculpture, celebrating Ireland’s great poets and its cultural celebration of poetry. Standing just over three feet tall, the sculpture rises out of a solidified mass suggestive of clouds, representing the real aspects of poetic traditions, while gazing below at the earth, as a reminder of our dependence on fragile, natural ecosystems, and mother earth.  With its hand in its pocket, the contrapposto conveys a casual and fluid state of being like taking a stroll in the beautiful Hillsborough Forest. The Poet connects our highest artistic and metaphysical deals with the sublime beauty of nature. The AR Poet celebrates Ireland’s great poets and its cultural celebration of poetry. This Chronometric Sculpture depicts the search for meaning through self-reflection. Cycling between male and female states, the figure gazes upon the ground beneath its feet, while contemplating its connection to mother earth and its fragile ecosystems. A reminder that our highest ideals in the 21st Century are still dependent upon nature. Marjan created this figure in her unique, signature style in 3D CGI.

THE ARTIST: Hailing from the USA, Marjan Moghaddam is an award-winning, and pioneering digital artist/animator, known for her unique style of figuration in 3DCG and critical discourse. She is a recipient of top grants from organisations like the Rockefeller Fund among others, and has exhibited her AR art at Smithsonian and other museums.


The Magic Garden is a mixed reality AR experience brought to life with interactivity. Inspired by Ireland’s rich traditions of magic and folklore, each flower and plant comes to life with animation and sound through touch. Using a combination of procedural geometry and texturing, Artificial Intelligence GAN imaging, computer-generated fractals, and digital glitching techniques, each plant uses contemporary virtual aesthetics to create a magical forest experience in the metaverse and the forest.

Showcasing 10 large-scale sculptures created by artists from across the world, the digital sculpture trail is linked to a mobile app that leads visitors on a journey through Hillsborough Forest. As they approach each sculpture, the app calls up virtual and augmented reality features allowing visitors to discover more about each piece of art and its artist. A special ‘enhance me’ feature transports them into another world.


The Poet

#Marjan Moghaddam Royal Hillsborough Castle Park

#Marjan Moghaddam The Poet