#MarjanMoghaddam-VOICES OF WEB3

#MarjanMoghaddam VOICES OF WEB3 – THE ARCHIVE 2023

VOICES OF WEB3 is an archive of voices and statements summarising the year 2023 in digital art and culture. It is a document in time on the blockchain, bringing together some of the leading voices shaping Web3 and the history of digital art: artists, curators, and collectors.


Marjan Moghaddams 2023 Notable Exhibitions include a solo show at MOCDA, Proof of Art at the Francisco Carolinum, Unit London, and solo shows at Annka Kultys Gallery and Gazelli Art House. Her work is in institutional and DAO collections. She was the winner of the first edition of the Arab Bank Switzerland NFT Art Prize.

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Marjan Moghaddam VOICES OF WEB3 – THE ARCHIVE 2023

#MarjanMoghaddam -2023 Notable exhibitions