#MarjanMoghaddam #CryptoartPanelDiscussion with #PatrickAmadon

A wonderful podcast #CryptoartPanelDiscussion

with #MarjanMoghaddam & #PatrickAmadon

Listen to an amazing conversation about #CryptoArt, Crypto Winter, the state of NFTs, the revolution of our world, the Cypherpunk origins of Crypto philosophy and its relevance today, how artists are changing the art ecosystem with #CryptoArt inclusivity and entrepreneurship, the community of #Cryptoart and its global non geo-located interconnectivity, digital ownership as the basis for civil liberties in the face of the rise of Technofascism, the importance of provenance/scarcity for Digital art evaluation, the transition from Knowledge-based economies to Imagination based economy, and why and how pixels have a value as @patrickamadon
says and how #DigitalArt has no Crypto Winter, plus what does the future hold. And lastly, Pepe & the memeplex in terms of 21st-century art.

Bitcoinlive Proudly Presents its 2nd Cryptoart Panel Discussion! In this brand new series, we will be hosting cutting-edge crypto-artists, talented neophytes out there, as well as leading thinkers and developers in this exciting, burgeoning, and still evolving space. In these ongoing discussions, we hope to shed some light on this elusive and continuously changing concept, not in order to pin it down and limit it, but to open it up, broaden it, and uncover its frontiers. By bringing forth some of its more defining features and approaching it from different angles, we hope to give it gestalt which might help others to expand on and develop it further. Cryptoart, like the Decentralized movement, is a revolution and potentially something that can inspire a whole new generation! Our mission is to keep this Idea(l) alive. It goes without saying that we’ll also talk about and show a lot of artworks! Our Second Panel of Renowned Crypto-Artists: https://twitter.com/patrickamadon https://twitter.com/TheMarjan

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#Marjan Moghaddam #CryptoartPanelDiscussion with #PatrickAmadon

#Marjan Moghaddam #CryptoartPanelDiscussion with #PatrickAmadon