#MarjanMoghaddam ABS Prize Winner @NFCSummit Lisbon

#MarjanMoghaddam #Glitching Intaleqi – Show Reel @NFCSummit The Pavillion Carlos Lopez, Lisbon, Portugal 2023 #ABSPrize

@NFCSummit Opening JUNE 6th @Non Fungible Conference 2023

#Glitching Intaleqi

#NFC23 Non Fungible Conference

Arab Bank Switzerland @arabbankCH

1st NFT Art Prize from

@arabbankCH, here’s the reel of the week in Lisbon, big huge Thanks to ABS,

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@NFCSummit (used some of their footage below),





@mahebarbara all the judges including the awesome

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@Innamodja et al & congrats to all my fellow finalists








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And the winner of this year’s NFT Art Prize goes to…..@TheMarjan for her piece “Glitching Intaleqi”, an animated painting exploring the digital aspects of the ideals of Intaleqi or Arabic for freeing oneself, as an experience, feeling and state of being.


Marjan is an award-winning pioneering digital artist and animator.


#Glitching Intaleqi

Marjan Moghaddam-Glitching Intaleqi 2023 Winner ABS Prize @NFCSummit Exhibition Reel

#Marjan Moghaddam-@NFCSummit Exhibition Reel