#MarjanMoghaddam Glitch Art show curated by @EmpressTrash

#MarjanMoghaddam #Glitch Artshow curated by @EmpressTrash

Glitch Show in Rome, Glitching Pepe in Glitchlandia, 1/1 anim loop, & the score uses a famous musical meme, the most sampled drum track of all time, w its old analog recording glitches + analog Arp & digital glitches. 4k of this is spectacular btw. I think I might do some prints of this for fun.

Glitch @SuperchiefNFT show on May 5th at @NFTRome_ The 5 artists I selected are: @TheMarjan @epicthundercat @gulbakanozge @maxcapacity @s0mfay

Marjan is an award-winning pioneering digital artist and animator is Glitching Pepe! 2 pieces.


#MarjanMoghaddam Glitch-show-in-Rome curated by @EmpressTrash

#MarjanMoghaddam @SuperchiefNFT show on May 5th at @NFTRome