Marjan Moghaddam Article SAVING EARTH’S GIANTS VMagazine

VMagazine Article: Marjan Moghaddam’s NFT Project SAVING EARTH’S GIANTS goes Live.

Yesterday, November 17th, The Good Society – a community of artists, creatives, and activists that are dedicated to global change through innovative programming – launched a campaign to support three projects necessary to “rewild” and protect elephants, as well as increase food security for locals. Led by 3 participating non-profits, Aspinall FoundationSpace for Giants, and Wildlife Conservation Foundation of Tanzania, the funds will all be directly donated to the conservations in an effort to prioritize the protection and nurturing of natural ecosystems and elephants. 


The Giants of the Metaverse is a visionary collection of Fine Arts NFTs in support of the giants of the earth, Elephants. Created by the globally renowned and influential digital, Marjan Moghaddam, the collection envisions African and Asian elephants transposed into 3dCG, AI GAN, Glitch, Meme and Post Net Art, painterly compositions exploring emergent ideas of the metaverse, while prioritizing the protection and nurturing of natural ecosystems and elephants.