Marjan Moghaddam artist at Mauer Berlin Wall Memorial @Urban Spree Gallery

Marjan Moghaddam’s artwork at the Maeur Berlin Wall Memorial Exhibition exhibited @Urban Spree Gallery in #berlinartweek2022

Come see the ground-breaking NFT project at its roots in Berlin.Urban Spree Gallery Mauer NFT Project MAUER Digital at Urban Spree Galerie

My section of #Maeur Berlin Wall Memorial #NFT Art Generative project exhibited @urban Spree gallery in #berlinartweek2022 . Each animation depicts an escape, with authentic political posters from that era, & music inspired by David Bowie’s Heroes which was about the Berlin Wall.

Maeur NFT Project #BerlinWallNFT

Marjan Moghaddam artist in Maeur NFT Project

Marjan Moghaddam artist in #Maeur Berlin Wall Memorial