Marjan Moghaddam artist in Mauer NFT Urban Spree Galerie

Marjan Moghaddam artist in Mauer NFT Project MAUER Digital at Urban Spree Galerie

Saving lives now while telling true history of the Berlin Wall. Come see the ground-breaking NFT project at its roots in Berlin.Urban Spree Gallery


Marjan Moghaddam

Alex Andreev
Daniele Gasparini
Felipe Posada

Very happy to announce I’m the 4th artist for the Mauer NFT Project #BerlinWallNFT a charity project that funds democracy, Human rights & Ukraine refugees. Today we sold out the NFT Art whitelist during a Huddle with Sebastien Riant COO of Sandbox, the Mauer NFT team, Ukraine Rescue Charity and over 119 collectors from all over the world, literally it was almost every country! That’s 5000 Ukrainians that were saved!

The Berlin wall was over 10k days, and 5 artists work with over 2k each as NFTs. There is also a Sandbox game and exhibition during #berlinartsweek. The team has done an amazing job of recreating Berlin from that era in Sandbox btw!

I’m doing animations, delivering generative NFT with sound & Animation, in a complex manner which is a first, and happy to be working with Mauer’s team in making it happen!

As a refugee, the subject of war, revolutions, and authoritarianism dividing communities, families and human ties and the tragic fallout from that is close to my heart. But so are the stories of escape, the resilience, and the courage of ordinary people in the face of adversity. So this is an important project for our world and our moment, an interesting artistic experiment with NFTs, involving many layers of aesthetic possibility, socio-political resonance, technology & innovation. So proud and honored to be a part of it!

Maeur NFT Project #BerlinWallNFT

Marjan Moghaddam artist in Maeur NFT Project

Marjan Moghaddam artist in Maeur NFT Project