Marjan Moghaddam Artwork at the Seattle @FutureArts & Augment Seattle,

Marjan Moghaddam’s Artwork at the Seattle Arts Festival in Downtown Seattle, Soft Sculpture outside the Macy’s in Downtown Seattle. Her 30′ #GlitchGoddess Soft Sculpture outside the Macy’s in Downtown Seattle, alongside outdoor vinyl prints, touch activated AR (tap to Glitch & change body), video & gallery print. Seattle Arts festival. #marjanmoghaddam

See my #GlitchGoddess as tap responsive #AR (users glitch and change #GlitchGoddess‘ body) , 30’ Soft Sculpture (see the making of) outside downtown Macys building and large Outdoor prints in Augment Seattle Arts from Future Arts alongside other amazing artwork

#GlitchGodddess” by Marjan Moghaddam in Augment Seattle

Soft Sculpture outside the Macy's in Downtown Seattle,by Marjan Moghaddam

Marjan’s Soft Sculpture & touch activated AR at FutureArts & Augment Seattle