What is Crypto Art Panel at NFT.NYC

Marjan Moghaddamon the What is Crypto Art Panel at NFT.NYC, as part of the biggest, sold out, NFT event in Times Square NYC, with fellow panelists Collector Colborn Bell (Museum of Crypto Art), OG NFT Artist Olive Allen, and Artist Scott Gralnick..

Such a great panel! A pleasure to meet my fellow panelists IRL @co1born, @IamOliveAllen, @scottgralnick, and Marjan Moghaddam @TheMarjan after their great convo on What is Crypto Art. So much love also from audience for this epic convo after from the audience loved hearing the feedback & insights

GlitchGoddess in Pink is NYC

What is Crypto Art Panel

IRL @co1born,@TheMarjan @IamOliveAllen,@scottgralnick,