Super Rare 1st Anniversary Artwork Drop

Marjan Moghaddam Drops “The-Quarantine-Cycles-Triptych”

Marjan Moghaddam Drops “The-Quarantine-Cycles-Triptych” Digital Art piece derived from my original 2020 Animation on social media, this new adaptation and expansion adds two additional chapters to the original. For the Anniversary of one year in NFTs and on Superrare, I decided to reflect on the last year and the lockdowns, mining the deeper, more complex, and nuanced aspects of the experience artistically, in my original and unique style of figuration and animation in 3dCG. The first part was waiting for the afternote, the second, the chaos, and the third part, transformative. For this piece I also did the sound design while animating, going back and forth as the piece evolved itself through a creative flow. As our immersion in the digital, physical isolation, lockdowns, and NFTs merged, something fundamental shifted and changed in our world, this is my way of capturing it as an animated painting and a record of this momentous shift.

Marjan Moghaddam Drops “The-Quarantine-Cycles-Triptych” on Super Rare for her 1 Year Anniversary of Sales.

Marjan Moghaddam Drops

“The-Quarantine-Cycles-Triptych” by Marjan Moghaddam