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#NFT #Cryptoart #art Marjan Moghaddam on the Aesthetic Revolution

Marjan Moghaddam on the Aesthetic Revolution, with Glitched Goddesses, ArtHacks, & NFT’s! We had an amazing talk with Marjan Moghaddam this evening. She’s an artist who does mind-bending art – and it’s not just #NFT​ or #Cryptoart​, it’s much broader than that! She has been a trailblazing digital artist for most of her career, and what a career it has been so far! In this conversation she gives us a recap of some of the work she has done, and you don’t want to miss it! But we also dive deep into crypto and NFT #art​, #aesthetics​, and #philosophy​, and how #millennials​ are the future, and more! So prepare to be transformed, for where Marjan’s Arthacks & Glitch Goddesses meet, the mind will be transmogrified and electrified!

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