Rumfoords on NFT launch of The Kiss

Instagram Is Visually Training Everyone, with Marjan Moghaddam

On Valentine’s Day, Moghaddam will auction off a new original animation that is a spin on her iconic “Baisser,” with a new backdrop modeled after the original Mary Boone with GAN collaged paintings on the wall and new music by Blake Skipper.

Moghaddam calls these works #ArtHacks. Rumfoords sat down with Moghaddam to ask her about the voluptuous and psychedelic figures that seem to spring out of the imagination of a hallucinating fashion designer to haunt gallery spaces in her work. But that led to a wide-ranging conversation on our collective imaginations, patronage, and expression in crypto art. Enjoy!

Marjan Moghaddam is, once again, the best and most visionary artist

Marjan Moghaddan Expression In Crypto Art

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