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Marjan Moghaddam FRIEZE a conceptual, net-art project

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Is Crypto Art A New Renaissance Or Another Rococo?

In My Conversation With Marjan Moghaddam, one of the first things that came up during the conversation was the potential of Crypto Art, and Marjan pointed out that many NFT evangelists are fond of calling it a new renaissance, mostly as a figure of speech.

Marjan Moghaddam, a famous digital artist is a deeply fascinating person. She has generated sales on Superrare since she has been on the platform. I immediately told her I wanted to interview her for the NFT Writer magazine, and she agreed. During our conversation, she raised an interesting question: Is crypto art today a new Renaissance, or is it another Rococo?

Medium Website Is Crypto Art A New Renaissance Marjan Moghaddam

Superrare are trying to cultivate the Art with a capital A

Rumfoords on NFT launch of The Kiss

Instagram Is Visually Training Everyone, with Marjan Moghaddam

On Valentine’s Day, Moghaddam will auction off a new original animation that is a spin on her iconic “Baisser,” with a new backdrop modeled after the original Mary Boone with GAN collaged paintings on the wall and new music by Blake Skipper.

Moghaddam calls these works #ArtHacks. Rumfoords sat down with Moghaddam to ask her about the voluptuous and psychedelic figures that seem to spring out of the imagination of a hallucinating fashion designer to haunt gallery spaces in her work. But that led to a wide-ranging conversation on our collective imaginations, patronage, and expression in crypto art. Enjoy!

Marjan Moghaddam is, once again, the best and most visionary artist

Marjan Moghaddan Expression In Crypto Art