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DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION How AR Artists in Residence Are Shaping Project Aero imagination.

“The story of art is the story of human imagination. The virtual technologies of the imagination have great potential for sharing meaningful and transformational experiences.”

The Residency is also revealing a lot about how the right immersive tools can push artists’ creativity. Take Marjan Moghaddam’s work – she came to the residency as an established mixed-reality artist, but her workflow was time-consuming and cumbersome. “My process didn’t allow for a lot of spontaneity or creative play,” she explains. “I was immediately blown away by the idea of having an AR editing tool on a mobile device that I could walk around with. I loved the spontaneity. It allowed me to come up with ideas I never would have thought of before.”

Adobe Artist In Residency in Augmented Reality Project Aero Marjan Moghaddam Featured Artist

Adobe Artist In Residency in Augmented Reality