Adobe Artist In Residency in Augmented Reality

Marjan Moghaddam “The story of art is the story of human imagination.

“The story of art is the story of human imagination. The virtual technologies of the imagination have great potential for sharing meaningful and transformational experiences.”

Marjan Moghaddam is a Brooklyn-based digital artist/animator whose influential and pioneering work responds to the socio-political exigencies of our time through a distinct and original figural and aesthetic style, mixed reality interventions (#arthacks), AR/VR, physical art forms, and critical discourse.

Project Aero Marjan Moghaddam  Artist in Residence

Artist In Residence

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Two Stunning New Exhibits artists employing augmented reality

At 836M gallery, where the exhibit “Re-Engineering Humanity” includes three artworks that are jaw-droppingly great. The greatness happens, in part, because of the artworks’ “before” and “after” effects. In the “before” category, the three works — Marjan Moghaddam’s Glitch Goddess of Art Basel Miami 695, in Red, Mark Sabb’s Pray for Me II, and Stuart Campbell’s Breaking News — are fine but flat, static pieces. They hang on walls and clearly have something to say about women’s body image, Haitian youth culture, and the American media landscape, respectively.

GlitchedFae-AR Sculpture