Marjan Moghaddam in Separation Anxiety


Marjan Moghaddam in Separation Anxiety
International Fine Arts Consortium Show at Wallplay

Curated by Lee Wells & Laura O’Reilly
Wallplay, 118 Orchard Street NY NY 10002
Opening Reception March 8th, 7-10pm
On View Physically March 8th – 22nd
11am-7pm, 7 days a week

Wallplay and IFAC are proud to announce Separation Anxiety, an ongoing campaign of collaborative exhibitions that discuss art and the fine line which bridges technology and society in the super-modern age. Affirming itself as a juggernaut, Separation Anxiety is the exhibition that never ends.

Award-winning, digital artist and animator Marjan Moghaddam will be showing 2 pieces in Separation Anxiety, a group exhibition curated by the International Fine Arts Consortium at Wallplay. For the exhibition, Ms. Moghaddam will be showing one of her digital paintings, Floodplain, and premiering a new animation, “Sometimes Up, Sometimes Down”. The show opens during the Armory Arts weekend on Saturday March 8th, 7-10pm, at Wallplay, 118 Orchard Street (corner of Delancey), in the Lower East Side. #Separationanxiety, #Wallplay, #IFAC.

Marjan Moghaddam works with 3d animation and Motion Capture of improvised dance, Martial Arts and gesticulation. Her distinctive style employs a 3d CG Cubist and Futuristic form of figuration blended with computer-generated textures, fractals, and scientific images (NASA and USGS). Her paintings are additionally altered using sonic sculpting of visuals through audio- triggering of various parameters. The lush, cinematic, postmillenial digital paintings, which she creates as still and time based media, also include a unique narratology that blends text in the form of social media style posts with storytelling and poetry. Her award-winning projects employ proprietary computer-generative techniques alongside artistic ones. For Separation Anxiety she will be showing “Floodplain”, a still digital painting, and premiering “Sometimes up and Sometimes Down”, a Motion-Captured, 3d animation with a score by Kyle Bobby Dunn. The primary thematic premise for these works is a heroic, political, global, cathartic, and expressionistic premise in which imagined worlds of great monumentality mirror a collective and individual zeitgeist that is emerging out of our hybrid machine and human paradigm.

Other Artists in the show:

AES+F, Noah Becker, Sean Capone,Ahmet Civelek, Huey Crowley, Gregory de la Haba, dNASAb, Walker Fee, Carla Gannis, Kathy Grayson, Gregory Greene, Stewart Home, GH Hovagimyan, Sandro Kopp, Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos, Patrick Lichty, Den Marino, Laia Miret, Marjan Moghaddam, Jonathan Monaghan, MTAA, L’OR, Raphaele Shirley, Miroslaw Rogala, Jonathan Rosen, Vargas-Suarez Universal, Lydia Venieri, Lee Wells, JustinWood, Agni Zotis, and more

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