The Art Of Marjan Moghaddam


 Computer & Digital Art 1980s till 2009

Digital Art from 2009-2015

since 2016

About Marjan Moghaddam

Marjan Moghaddam is a renowned, award-winning, pioneering, and widely exhibited Digital and Computer Artist since the 1980s, known for her unique style of figuration/animation in 3dCG and critical discourse. She was a featured sponsored artist of the early Internet, is the recipient of top awards/grants from the likes of the Rockefeller Fund, selected for Siggraph 4 times, and has exhibited her commissioned AR art at Smithsonian and other museums. Hailed as a “trailblazer in digital art”, the “Digital Hijacker” and “the definition of digital fine arts” by the press, her influential #arthacks have gone viral numerous times, made Forbes’ Best of AR Art and commissioned as Public Art internationally. She was Adobe’s Artist-in-Resident and is the only female artist in the BBC documentary When Art Goes Digital, featured between Beeple & XCopy. Her Crypto & NFT Art has sold into top collections on SuperRare since 2020, is held in institutional & DAO collections, exhibited in the first NFT museum show, and her Quantum NFT drop of 20 animations sold out in less than a minute. Most recently she was the Winner of the First NFT Art Prize from Arab Bank Switzerland at NFC Lisbon, and this Fall she and her decades-long art practice will be profiled in an episode of Art TV. She is an immigrant and political refugee from Iran and lives and works in Brooklyn where she is a Tenured Full Professor of Digital Art at LIU Brooklyn.

“Marjan’s work is distinctive—her digital style is instantly recognizable and already an icon of the NFT art space. This is the definition of digital art as fine art.” – White Wall Art