The Art Of Marjan Moghaddam

About Marjan Moghaddam

Marjan Moghaddam is a pioneering and award-winning digital artist and animator who is actively engaged in redefining form for digital painting as still, animated, interactive, avateered and virtual reality compositions. Her work explores artistic, political, cultural, and philosophical disruptions ushered in by the Technological and the Anthropocene. Using feature film grade 3d CG with motion capture of improvised performance, since 2008 she has been creating cinematic and fantastic virtual worlds populated by her signature digital bodies. These bodies are sometimes machined, organic, hybrid, or energy-based, as disrupted and discontinuous figures representing our hybrid virtual and physical lives. These scenes and figures are akin to cinematic paintings with video game aesthetics and special effects for the Post Digital age. Marjan’s projects also include embedded writings blending personal narratives with global ones, mixing prose, poetry, and social media style text. Some of these writings include her own experiences of living through the 1979 Islamic revolution in her country of origin Iran, as a historic locus for political upheavals in our world today. Her mastery as a highly skilled 3d CG artist is evident in her spectacular large format prints and visually stunning animations, in the service of meaningful and deeply profound narratives about the cataclysmic nature of our times and Humanity.

“Marjan’s work is distinctive—her digital style is instantly recognizable and already an icon of the NFT art space. This is the definition of digital art as fine art.” – White Wall Art