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Marjan Moghaddam is an award-winning, pioneering, digital artist and animator, who works primarily with 3d Computer Graphics, motion capture of performance, and digital media for animation, net art, print, sculpture, installation, AR and VR. Her work has been exhibited extensively at international galleries, museums and festivals, in addition to curated exhibits at the Armory Show in NYC and Art Basel Miami. Ms. Moghaddam’s work has also been an official selection of the prestigious Siggraph Computer Animation Festival and art gallery (the world’s top CG festival) a total of 4 times, including the Siggraph CG03, 30 Years of Computer Art Gallery and international, travelling exhibition.

Ms. Moghaddam is a recipient of numerous grants for her innovative and cutting edge art, such as Rockefeller Fund, NY Department of Cultural Affairs, Brooklyn Arts Council, and the Experimental Television Fund. Marjan was also the featured artist for the launch of DOTCOM Gallery and International Forum for the Digital Arts in 1996, the first NYC, internet based digital art gallery, sponsored by Prodigy Inc. with GIF animations of her 3d avatar. Her pioneering virtual reality installation, the Box, was grabbed from Soho galleries for Internet pioneer Josh Harris’ offices at Jupiter Communications in the 1990s. Ms. Moghaddam’s animations have also been the official selection of numerous international film and video festivals throughout the years, and her digital art is privately held in various private and institutional collections.

Hailed as a “trailblazer in the world of digital art” by the Herald Tribune, and “the first lady of Animated Painting” by the Examiner, most recently she was shortlisted for the 2017 International Digital Sculpture prize for her #Arthacked #Digitalbodies series on Instagram, and this last winter she showed an Augmented Reality App as part of the exhibition of the winners at the Ulm museum in Germany. Another one of her signature #digitalbodies was also exhibited in the Post Identity Pavilion of The New Wrong Digital Art Biennial in 2017.

Ms. Moghaddam’s #arthack #digitalbodies, a conceptual Instagram-based art collection from the last two years, has additionally gone viral on the internet, with her “Baissier at Mary Boone in Waxish and Glassish” garnering over 2 million views on Art Gates Instagram, 1.7 million views on the Nowness Facebook post, and millions of additional views on top art channels. Additionally her recent #Arthack from Art Basel Miami has already accrued over 720k views on her public page on Facebook & aggreagated over a million between various art channels in 1 week. Marjan created the #arthacks as a way of radicalizing curation, while extending and democratizing the virtual exhibition space on the internet, as a type of digital street art of the internet, with a critical discourse as a form of artistic disruption, instigation and intervention. “To hack is merely transgressive, to do so with a critical dialog is transformational”, she explains.
Most recently Ms. Moghaddam created and exhibited two Augmented Reality, chronometric sculptures at the Smithsonian and the National Cathedral in Washington DC, commissioned by Artechouse, and Halcyon Arts. She currently has AR and animation projects on exhibit at #EnamoredArmor at Rowan University art gallery. She is currently represented by Noow Digital art collection platform, and is also a tenured and Full Professor of Computer Graphics & Animation at the Brooklyn campus of LIU.

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Studio: Brooklyn